The Agri Evolve team in Uganda are working with farmers and an established exporter to raise the quality and quantity of coffee produced, bringing improved income to coffee farmers and their families.

But to complete the value cycle we need to establish a good customer base where it matters most, where the coffee is consumed and enjoyed. That is why we have recently established the Rwenzori Coffee Company to supply coffee directly from the Rwenzori farmers to coffee roasters in the UK.

East African coffees are known for their complexity, winey acidity and their rich floral and berry-fruit flavours. Ethiopia, Kenya and more recently Rwanda and Burundi are all well known for their high quality arabica coffees. With recent improvements coffees from Uganda  are now also being recognized for their quality. The SCA score of our samples of coffee sent to Kampala have regularly been in the range of 80 – 85 and with the improvements in farmer training and processing facilities we are focused on increasing these scores further.

Our partner in Uganda, Kyagalanyi Coffee Ltd has over 20 years experience of exporting and will be sending consignments of our coffee to our food standard warehouse facility in East Yorkshire. From there deliveries can be made throughout the UK.

  • We will be using 30 Kg sacks with Grainpro lining.
  • No minimum order
  • We are always happy to send samples on request
  • We can supply details of the farmers and the community where the coffee is grown

Coffees available now,  August 2018 : –


  • Harvested in April 2018.
  • Floated, sun dried and then hand sorted.
  • Aroma – slightly spicy, floral notes
  • Flavours – Winey, Cherry, pronounced berry notes
  • Acidity – very bright, sweet citric, syrup
  • Body – Full, rich

To request a sample please email; or call Martin on 07814 798724