To ensure the success and sustainability of smallholder coffee producers in the Rwenzori region, Agri Evolve have joined up with UTZ, the world’s largest coffee certification body, to promote better farming, environmental, and social practices.

When a farmer works with Agri Evolve and becomes an UTZ certified member they undergo an annual audit to ensure they are following the UTZ Code of Conduct. Farmers receive training sessions from Agri Evolve staff on everything from Good Agricultural Practices to financial record keeping. The practises they learn and implement will ensure their coffee, and farm in general, is kept to the highest standard. This will enable them to produce the best quality coffee, as well as increasing yields. The price they receive for their coffee is increased, giving them chance to invest in their farms, themselves and their children for the future.

Agri Evolve also have to play their part and undergo an annual audit ensuring that the care and training given to farmers, conditions for working, and coffee processing methods are robust, and continually improving.

When coffee is produced under UTZ certification, everyone benefits. The farmer produces higher yields of quality coffee in a sustainable and fully traceable manner. Agri Evolve can buy more top quality coffee, and give consumers, the chance to enjoy the best coffee from the Rwenzori region.