Agri Evolve is a Social Enterprise and a Profit for Purpose Business. We believe in the importance of operating in a sustainable and profitable way to ensure the long term success of our organisation.

We exist to help promote and develop good agricultural business practice which creates wealth and enables the local economy to grow and develop. We are committed to returning 60% of our profits to agricultural and community projects within our area.

We are also involved with, and support, a few carefully chosen community projects. This is sometimes in partnership with other organisations or individuals who have chosen to support a specific project.

For example we have just finished arranging the installation of new toilet and washing facilities at 2 local schools. This ensures the prevention of easily transmitted disease which can often have serious consequences. This project was funded by a large European coffee importer who is actively supporting our local community.

We also support a local community project called Community Action Initiative (CAI). This project is led by Esther and works with young disadvantaged people who have dropped out of school for various reasons. They are taught vocational skills such as basket weaving and jewelry making and encouraged and supported to start their own small businesses.