Bwambale Chris

Name: Bwambale Chris

From: Nyabirongo, Kasese District, Uganda

JobTitle: Site Manager


I was born and raised in Nyabirongo, which is part of the Kasese District, Western Uganda. I am married and have four children.

I have a diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management and have worked for 12 years at Kagando Guest House.

I have taken the opportunity to work with Agri Evolve because I want to help farmers improve their livelihoods. I have an interest in farming because I have spent my whole life in a rural area, where everyone is involved in farming and producing food.

I met Jonny when he first came to Uganda and began working with him in his work. I enjoyed it and learned many new skills, so I am pleased to now be working with him full time.

My role with Agri Evolve will be in managing the site where the business is located. I will oversee all of the staff who work there including in administration and security. I am also involved in the administration of planning the work that we do. I work closely with Jonny and often work as a translator/local language teacher!

Agri Evolve have provided me with opportunities to develop my skills through training. I have recently completed my course in Microsoft Excel at the local college.

I am hard working and passionate about helping people. I agree with the values and aims of Agri Evolve and hope that in my work I can help improve the livelihoods of many Ugandan farmers.

Skills: Organisation, managing people, computer skills including word and excel, administration, cooking, teaching Lhukonzo (the local language)

Passion: Business and learning new skills

Hobbies: Walking in the mountains, watching football, reading

Favorite food: Posho (maize flour) and beans

Favorite task: Digging/computer work

The best thing about Uganda: Fertile land and the people

Favourite animal: Pigs