Charles MarahiCharles has been working for us on a part time basis but will be joining the team full time in August as Manager of the Honey Team.

Charles has been working in the local area for many years and has had a long association with agriculture. Having worked alongside Martin Rowland in the 1980’s as an extension worker Charles is used to helping farmers. His passion for improving the community and providing a better life for young people has led to¬† huge popularity and respect amongst local people.

In his spare time Charles runs the ‘boys brigade’ which is a bit like a the ‘scouts’ in the UK. It is a club for both boys and girls which organises fun activities for them to do. The main activity is music, and the children can often be heard marching around with drums and trumpets playing exciting fanfares!

Charles has a large family and has supported all of his children through school and now onto University.

Although Charles has a wide knowledge of farming his expertise and passion is with keeping bees and producing honey. Charles will oversea our honey project which involves distributing hives to farmers, training and monitoring and finally processing and marketing the honey.