staff photo james wilkinsonName: James Wilkinson

From: Yorkshire

Degree: BSc Business and Management


Growing up into an exciting small family Business with a few different outlets across East Yorkshire enabled me to engage in business from an early age. I often worked for my dad within the pet shop and learning the very basic fundamentals of how the business works. There was no ‘pocket money’ I had to earn it and I believe from this experience and availability to work it gave me the desire to push on to learn further in the world of work.

Through the years I have become passionate about rugby, playing for Pocklington RUFC as well as school/university and county level for Yorkshire. Although not a delicate sport, I have also become passionate about music, playing guitar from a young age and recently, after a cheap charity shop purchase, quite a dab hand on the ukulele!

Other activities which I believe has put me on a path to Uganda was an experience in Namibia, working for a charity, it really opens your eyes to a wide world and being able to see it first hand, it certainly gave me the bite to come back.

To describe myself I would say I’m passionate, authoritative, interpersonal and hard working. Combining these to help drive the business side forward with Agri Evolve will be very important. Although I have an interest in agriculture, it was really from listening to Jonny’s stories (click here) about his thoughts on the potential of Uganda which got me on board with the idea. I believe my emphasis will be to make this organisation viable from a business prospective.


As well as my degree in Business and Management I have worked a few different jobs which have provided me with a broad range of skills. I have always worked through education even down to the days of the pet shop, whether I was working in restaurants, putting up marquees, Doorman through university, I didn’t mind as long as I was earning. Although these jobs weren’t entirely business related, you can still pull important experience from it all, maybe it was the 100 hour weeks putting up marquees, interpersonal skills required as a doorman or simply learning that manners ‘open doors’, being able to communicate is such an important skill which is the most natural sense of networking, essential for any business to operate.

Experience came through university on a year in industry as a Marketing Executive at Cutwel. I learnt so much about the world of Marketing from the hands on design, (I was never a designer before) to website development, analysis of data and sales.

I believe combining these experiences will be vital for the running of Agri Evolve.

Passion: Making people smile

Favourite Quote: ‘Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the number of times our breath is taken away’

Hobbies: Rugby, Ukulele, Guitar, Skiing,

What I miss about the UK when I’m in Uganda: Tasty Treats,

The best thing about Uganda: The people, the potential, the sunshine.

The worst thing about Uganda: The vast poverty

Favourite UK food: Fish & Chips

Favourite Ugandan food: Rolex (basically pancake with eggs!)

Favourite Tractor Make: John Deere

Favourite farm animal: Piglets