Name: Jonny RowlandJonny Profile

From: Yorkshire

Degree: BSc Agriculture (Hons), Reading University

Job Title: Founder/Director


I grew up in East Yorkshire, at the tip of the Wolds, surrounded by productive farmland. From a young age I was keen on farming, if I wasn’t inside playing with my toy farm, I was in my parent’s garden moving heaps of soil around with my ride on tractor! I was a very practical person from a young age, when I was seven I developed a hobby of building just about anything, mainly sheds for a range of purposes.

During secondary school I started a business with a friend breeding and selling rare breed chickens. This was a great practical way of learning simple business and entrepreneurial skill, as well as being great fun and earning us a little bit of pocket money. Following school I spend a year working in a couple of different jobs to gain valuable experience in different areas. I then started studying Agriculture at the University of Reading. During my time at Reading, I took a break to travel to Uganda and experience farming in Africa. This is how Agri Evolve started, read my story by clicking here

I would describe myself as a practical, dedicated, self-motivated, ambitious person with a strong work ethic and high attention to detail. I hope that what I do will have a positive effect on many people lives. In coming up with the idea for Agri Evolve I believe I have found a project that can enable me to reach my goal and use the skills that I have, along with those of the people working with me, to make a positive impact on the world.


As well as my degree in agriculture at Reading University I have worked in a few different jobs which have provided me with a broad range of skills which act as a good base to develop from. I have worked on a large arable farm in East Yorkshire and over four years have learned many skills from driving tractors and machinery, to crop and animal husbandry. I also did two months’ work experience on an organic dairy farm in Devon, with 100 Ayrshire milking cows. I have been lucky to have been given opportunities to learn from and work with great people who pass on their skills and knowledge to me. I hope that I can provide the same experiences and opportunities to students and farmers in Uganda, and this will be a vital part of Agri Evolves work, if we are to succeed in creating a sustainable change.

Passion: Farming!

Favourite Quote: ‘Your life should be a story you’re exited to tell’

Hobbies: Sailing, Windsurfing, Skiing, Building things!

What I miss about the UK when I’m in Uganda: My dog, Yorkshire food!

The best thing about Uganda: The opportunities here to make a change, the people and the freedom of life

The worst thing about Uganda: The standard of the roads

Favourite UK food: Yorkshire puddings

Favourite Ugandan food: Matoke pancakes

Favourite Tractor Make: New Holland/Case

Favourite farm animal: Cows