Martin ProfileI studied Agriculture at Reading University where I specialised in Tropical Agricultural Systems in my final year. I wrote a dissertation on Post Harvest Storage Loss.

After a few years working in the UK I was appointed by Tear Fund to work at Kagando Rural development Center in Uganda as Agricultural Extension Manager. I was involved in many activities there, but mainly as an adviser to farmers in the local communities. I worked there for 5 years before returning   back to the UK.

Since 1994 I have been the Manager of a charity providing training and work experience in horticulture for people who have a learning difficulty or disability.

My interest in Uganda has remained strong and after been away for so long, it    is great to be actively involved in work out there. Although my work in the UK continues, I am excited about the prospects of Agri Evolve and look forward to spending more time out there. I have learnt many skills in building up an organisation from the beginning and will aim to bring this experience to Agri Evolve as it grow.

I have many interests outside of agriculture/horticulture including hiking, sailing, skiing, and most of all taking the dog for a walk!