Most people have small areas of land, and much of this is very hilly and not suitable for mechanisation. Cultivation is carried out by hand, as it has been for generations.

However, away from the hills there are large areas of land than can be farmed using some mechanisation. Tractors have been used to plough the land for many years, but planting, weeding and harvesting is still usually done by hand.

Over the past 2 years we have borrowed a seed drill from a neighbouring area and demonstrated how effective using a seed drill can be. It ensures that the seed is planted in a timely and consistent manner. We have used it to plant soya and sunflower. Yields have increased significantly.

Where mechanisation is not possible, the use of better quality seed, use of fertilizer in small quantities can bring improvements in yields. Help with marketing also offers the farmers the opportunity to get the best possible price for their crops.