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NameProcessHarvestSCA ScoreUK Arrival
BugoyeWashedNov 201983Feb 2020
IbandaNaturalJuly 202084.5Oct 2020

A Perfect Location

The foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda are perfect for the growing of top quality arabica coffee. High altitude, plentiful rain, fertile soils, diverse varietals, all contribute to produce a complex, bright, fruity coffee which is processed traditionally by the ‘natural’ process, though there is now also an increasing amount of coffee processed as ‘fully washed’.


Agri Evolve have been working with the coffee farmers since 2016, providing a good, transparent market, technical support and training, and efficient and modern processing to ensure the quality of the coffee on the tree is captured, maintained and developed through the many stages until it reaches the consumer’s coffee cup in many countries around the world.

Kisinga Coffee Station

We supply our coffee to UK roasters under the Rwenzori Coffee Co trading name

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