Share farming is simple…

But it is also incredibly powerful idea that we believe could change everything.

It is one of the key tools we use when helping farmers.


Let us explain

In the UK a farm might be 100 hectares.

A farm of that size can afford its own tractor.

But several farmers may get together to shape the cost of a combine harvester.

In Uganda a farm may be 0.5 Hectare in size and so the farmers has no tractor, few tools, and little money.

The farmer can only crop as much land as he can cultivate.

But what if a company came along and bought a tractor?

Each farmer could pay to use the tractor out of the food they produce.

They could cultivate more land and grow a lot more food!

The company would get its investment back in the tractor, and up to 100 farmers would benefit.

They would produce more food.

There would be a tiny bit less hunger in the world.

(By the way if you had not guessed, we are the people who invest in the tractor in the first place, and when we get our investment back, guess what, we can invest in another tractor, and another one….)