Bee Hive


Bee Hives are great ways of supporting farmers in Uganda

The farmers will sell their honey to us, so we can clean it and process it and get a really good price them.

The increased income to the farmers will help them pay for essentials such as education and healthcare for their families.


 Your money will…

  • Build a Kenya Top Bee Hive
  • Provide the farmer with training from our team of experts
  • Enable us to monitor the farmer every month to help the farmer produce good yields of honey

The farmer will…

  • Receive the hive on credit
  • Pay Agri Evolve back over three years through the sale of honey
  • Have an opportunity to earn £20 – £40 profit per hive each year (about one months wage for many people in Uganda)

Agri Evolve will…

  • Work closely with the groups of farmers for the best chance of success
  • Keep you updated on the progress of your hive
  • Inform you when your hive starts to produce honey
  • If the hive is successful, we will credit your personal Agri Evolve account with £16.00 on the third anniversary of the purchase date so that you can allocate the money to another project of your choice.

Additional information

Invest in a Beehive

£16.00, Add £2 to cover admin costs