In Uganda the traditional crops grown are: cassava, maize, beans, soya, matoke and coffee. These crops prove food for people and livestock as well as creating a source of income to pay for school fees, medical care and other daily requirements.


There is great potential for producing high yields of crops due to fertile soils, two rainy seasons and large areas of underutilised land. With the correct use of inputs crops can be both high yielding and good quality.


The rainy seasons are becoming more unreliable and drought is now one of the main reasons for crop failure or poor yields. Additionally farmers often lack access to the best quality inputs that are necessary to produce high yielding crops.


Agri Evolve provides high quality inputs of seed and fertiliser on credit. We build irrigation systems to enable farmers to grow crops all year without worrying about the rain. Machinery can also be used to reduce the cost and time required to produce crops.

  • We supply inputs to farmers on credit and work with them to produce high yielding crops
  • Join us by investing in our crop projects and changing the life of a farmer in Africa