It is widely recognised (link to montpellier report) that lack of training and knowledge in modern farming techniques is one of the major limiting factors in improved food production. Farmers are hard working and keen to learn but often lack the opportunity to learn from new ideas and research. One of Agri Evolves key aims is to provide a place for farmers and students to observe, learn and practice new farming techniques.

Demonstration and Training

Farmers learn best by being able to see for themselves the effect that new farming methods have on production. Demonstration farms will show different ways of producing food and allow the farmers to decide which is best for them. Farmers are also invited to study days when we can work with a group of farmers to discuss specific topics.

University Links

We have strong links with universities and colleges in both the UK and Uganda.  We are working alongside them to provide opportunities for students in Uganda to gain practical experience which is currently not widely available. We also hope to establish regular study visits for staff and students from UK universities.


We aim to carry out new research to find the most effective and efficient inputs and techniques. Good research can lead to solving problems that farmers face. This includes testing new varieties of crops, use of fertiliser, water efficiency, livestock feed among many others.

  • Demonstration farmer help farmers and students learn new farming systems
  • Good links with universities
  • Research leads to improvements